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Cruitive understands that recruitment is a much broader process than just creating an ad, holding interviews and then hiring - and that every step is important for the result to be as good as possible. Cruitive leaves nothing to chance.

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In Cruitive you get a user-friendly and intuitive tool that works for you with the help of technology - a bit like outsourcing the process to yourself. Cruitive streamlines and simplifies the work and reduces the risk of bad hires.

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Cruitive doesn't just talk - we deliver! If you want to be able to trust that your recruitment system will help you maintain high work quality; then Cruitive is the system you should choose.

  • Cruitive's recruitment system is entirely based on scientifically recommended methods.
  • Cruitive quality checks all partners.
  • Cruitive understands that the recruitment process is broader than just “ad to employment“.
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Cruitive makes a difference

After conversations with randomly selected customers, we can draw the following conclusions about Cruitive as a recruitment system.

Improved process
Reduced "time-to-hire"
Reduced "cost-per-hire"
Increased accuracy
Improved candidate experience


In Cruitive you can work with your brand by using the intuitive and simple tools to create attractive advertisements and career pages where potential talent can gain an understanding of your organization as an employer.

Find the right one

By working with the recruitment process in a structured way and letting each part of the process take the place it needs, the probability that the right candidate applies, is selected and chooses to accept the offer increases. Through Cruitive's built-in guides and functions, we make it so easy to do the right thing that just by using the system you minimize the risk of bad hires.


In Cruitive, you as a user are given every opportunity to work in a structured and focused manner without risking tasks falling into oblivion. With auto-messages, task boards, a calendar and the possibility of teamwork, it's always organized!

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